Domains, Hosting SSL Certificates, Backup & Security

Bridget Sarah is a website hosting provider.
Getting your business started at a low cost

Bridget Sarah has worked with clients over the years, building websites, hosting and developing these and Bridget has seen the market increases, and how now it’s a lot harder for startups trying to find a decent a low cost solution for their business to get to market straight away.

Bridget is able to do this because, she operates the business fully and working from home lowering costs for clients. There is no service department, no technical team. What you’re getting with your website and business is Bridget Sarah’s knowledge and expertise as a full stack developer.

Operational Hours

Bridget’s main working hours for website / project development and consultation are between Monday – Friday 9am – 11am.

Domain, Hosting services including security and backup Bridget is available 24/7.